How New Technology Helped This Sales Team Get Ahead of Client Needs

Kennametal, a leading material science and manufacturing company, found their aging systems left the sales team over-stretched to service growing customer demand. To free up the sales team to spend more time in front of customers, Kennametal VP and CIO Steven Hanna went in search of new technology to help the sales team get ahead of client needs. Hanna chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Office 365, and the organization is anticipating a fast and significant return on investment.

While big industries were hurt by the global economic downturn, the companies that serviced those industries were hit even harder.  Kennametal was left suffering from a reduction in staff. To add to the challenge, the organization had outgrown their marketing and sales systems, which made processes, tracking, and reporting difficult and labor-intensive. An internal analysis of the remaining sales team found that nearly 30% of their time was spent performing manual administrative tasks. Kennametal VP and CIO Steven Hanna knew that new enterprise systems could provide the efficiencies they needed.

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